Career Background

This presentation delivers a brief history of my education and marketing experience.

I have 6+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, including content strategy and execution, programmatic advertising and optimization (with paid search, display/retargeting, and social media), SEO, Amazon Marketing Services, and more.

Take a peak at the below presentation (pause on each slide if it goes too fast), to learn a little bit about how my Bachelor of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication (from the University of Texas at Dallas), prepared me for the online community we know today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s also worthy to note (as briefly mentioned in the slideshow) that I have worked a tremendous amount of Experiential Marketing events, which gave me the ultimate first-hand knowledge on how to successfully execute those types of events. Connecting consumers to your brand both in person and online is so important!

Contact me if you’re interested in working together:

Author: MissLissa91

Hi! I began writing blogs for my Emerging Media and Communication degree when I was attending UT Dallas. I graduated in May 2012 with my Bachelor of Arts. Following that, I worked as a Social Media Specialist and Digital Marketing Analyst for Navigation Solutions, a Hertz Company. Once a week for about two years, I wrote travel related blogs for HertzNeverLost while I worked for that company. Now, I work as a Marketing Expert for ReachLocal and I help small and medium businesses with their online advertising! I've decided to devote some personal time to blogging and I'm excited to begin sharing my own passions, interests, and discoveries with y'all! Check out the "MazingMelissa" site to see what's going on!

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