About Me

Hello, hello! Thanks for visiting my site.

Just an FYI that you’ll be seeing both personal and professional posts throughout these pages, because for me, I’m always focused on both! ❤

So to begin, I just want to say I tend to cast a pretty wide net when it comes to the types of things that I’m involved with and I hope that some people will be able to relate or even benefit from my posts! 🙂


I love my friends, my family, and my dog! During the week, I devote my hours working a full-time digital marketing job. But in my free time, it’s safe to say that I probably act like a typical twenty-something, who definitely likes to fit in some fun!

I’ve been on a fitness journey and I have a lot of injuries (my back being the main one), but I still love to try and stay active! I’ve tried boxing, CrossFit, and a variety of boot camps. I also like to walk and hike with my dog! More recently, I’ve been involved with yoga, pilates, and weight lifting. Constant physical therapy is always on my mind as well!

Another thing I LOVE to do is travel! I’ve been to a lot of places in Texas (I currently live in Dallas) and I’ve also been to Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Missouri, and New York. Additionally, I’ve been out of the country twice and both experiences were amazing! First, to Costa Rica (over 10 years ago), and then more recently (May 2017), I traveled to Belize! I definitely can’t wait to explore some more!

Work Life

From taking a Social Media Internship in college, to being an Account Manager at an ad agency, and then landing my first Digital Marketing Manager role – I’ve had a wide variety of experience in the online realm.

Professional description and background history of a Dallas marketing professional
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I love helping people build their business and manage their online reputation and I continue to stay interested in the various ways that you can go about that!

Head on over to view this slideshow if you’re curious about more of my work history!


As I mentioned earlier, this site is two-fold! Please stay tuned for the random events that I seem to experience in this wonderful maze of a life and get tips, tricks, and maybe even advice too (all curated from my personal and professional life)!

Melissa Woodring (aka MazingMelissa)

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