My DC Adventure

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Hey, y’all! As I mentioned in my last post, “Tying the Knott: A Baltimore Wedding,” I recently got to travel to Washington, DC! I went to Baltimore for a friend’s wedding and on the last day in town, we (my friend Leah and I) had some spare time so we made the hour-long trip to DC so that we could explore!


We didn’t actually go inside many places, but we certainly had a great sight-seeing experience!

We walked probably a total of 6 miles or more and saw so many historical buildings and monuments! We also took breaks and had lunch at Noodles and Company and coffee at Paul’s French Family Bakery and Pattisserie. Throughout our walk we saw the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Capitol building (which is under construction) and much more! Then, on our way back to the car, we took a stroll through the George Washington University area where we saw some students taking part in Sunday Funday! They invited us to join, but unfortunately we had to head back to catch our flight!

It was all a fun experience though!


I’m so glad I got to venture out to Washington, D.C. for the day when we were in the area! I would definitely love to go back and experience it in depth when I have more time!

Consider visiting a nearby town or city next time you travel somewhere! It’s an easy way to make the most out of a trip!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

Author: MissLissa91

Hi! I began writing blogs for my Emerging Media and Communication degree when I was attending UT Dallas. I graduated in May 2012 with my Bachelor of Arts. Following that, I worked as a Social Media Specialist and Digital Marketing Analyst for Navigation Solutions, a Hertz Company. Once a week for about two years, I wrote travel related blogs for HertzNeverLost while I worked for that company. Now, I work as a Marketing Expert for ReachLocal and I help small and medium businesses with their online advertising! I've decided to devote some personal time to blogging and I'm excited to begin sharing my own passions, interests, and discoveries with y'all! Check out the "MazingMelissa" site to see what's going on!

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