Sasha’s First Rover Stay

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

For me, that quote definitely rings true! I adopted my dog, Sasha, in September 2012 and she’s made my life pretty amazing since then!

Sasha's ride home the day I adopted her! She was such a cute puppy!
Sasha’s ride home the day I adopted her! She was such a cute puppy!

Our activities together vary a lot! Sasha and I like to exercise together but we know when to relax too. Also, she’s one of the best companions to seek adventure with!

While I definitely love spending time with Sasha, there are occasions where I need to travel  and leave her behind. Of course, if I can bring her with me, I will!

For 1-2 day trips, I’ve been able to ask some of my close friends to watch her for me or to stop by my place and take care of her while I was gone. A bonus with that, is that I normally get to spend some time with my friends before the pick up and drop off date!

For longer trips, I’ve had success with boarding facilities as well. Because I socialized Sasha when she was a puppy, she looks at boarding as a mini vacation (in my opinion)! She gets to play with other dogs while she’s there, which tires her out – and a tired dog is a happy dog!

In the Dallas area, I’ve had success at the following boarding facilities:

While the boarding facilities have been fine, sometimes they’re all booked up! Especially when you need to make plans for your pup at the last minute. That’s what happened to me for Memorial Day weekend, so I decided to try out

I recently became a Rover dog sitter and have watched two dogs so far (two times each). For Memorial Day weekend, I had plans to go out of town and I found out last minute that I wouldn’t be able to take Sasha with me. Since I had success watching other people’s dogs, I thought I would give it a try!

I found someone near me, had a conversation, and did a Meet & Greet the day before I planned to leave. It went very well! The people were nice, had a good sized yard, and seemed to like Sasha. They agreed to watch her so after I left, I booked her stay directly through my phone by using the Rover app. I dropped her off the next day during my lunch break and after work, headed out for vacation!

I received picture updates from the Rover app which I was very grateful for! It made me happy to know that Sasha was being taken care of and having fun. Also, she was around a cat for the weekend (and she never really had been before), and they told me she did well, so that made me happy! While it can be nerve racking at first to leave your dog with strangers, most of the people on Rover truly seem to be dog lovers! My first experience leaving Sasha with a Rover sitter seemed to work out and I’m actually having the same people watch her again this coming weekend when I go out of town for a friend’s wedding. They enjoyed having her and I’m glad I got to re-book with them!

Consider visiting the site next time you need a dog sitter, or even think about becoming one yourself!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Melissa Woodring 🙂


Author: MissLissa91

Hi! I began writing blogs for my Emerging Media and Communication degree when I was attending UT Dallas. I graduated in May 2012 with my Bachelor of Arts. Following that, I worked as a Social Media Specialist and Digital Marketing Analyst for Navigation Solutions, a Hertz Company. Once a week for about two years, I wrote travel related blogs for HertzNeverLost while I worked for that company. Now, I work as a Marketing Expert for ReachLocal and I help small and medium businesses with their online advertising! I've decided to devote some personal time to blogging and I'm excited to begin sharing my own passions, interests, and discoveries with y'all! Check out the "MazingMelissa" site to see what's going on!

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