Dallas Dog Sitter

Hey, y’all!

I dog sit in the North Dallas area. Visit my Rover profile to learn more and strike up a conversation about booking 🙂

Rover Dog Sitting Profile

Be Sasha’s Special Friend

Let me dog sit for you so that our dogs can become friends! My dog, Sasha, is about 50 pounds and she loves to play with other dogs! I’m new to this, but I’m very responsible and I take good care of my own dog, so why not help you out too?!

Why I love dog sitting
After I graduated college, I decided it was time for a dog of my own! I adopted Sasha in September 2012 and have been a loving dog mom ever since! Dog sitting allows my dog to have a companion and I enjoy helping others travel since I know that it can be difficult sometimes when you have to leave your animal behind.

About my place
I have 600 sq ft apartment. I have some space in my living room where your dog and my dog can play and I will also walk them and take them to the fenced in play area. (I don’t have a backyard but there’s a designated area in my apartment complex where you can take dogs)

About my yard
I do not have a back yard, but as stated previously, I have a small fenced in play area within my apartment complex where I can take the dogs for a bit.

My experience administering medication
I may be comfortable administering oral medication but I’ve never given medicine to any dog except my own.

What I’d like to know about your dog

I would like to know the following:

1. How a dog acts around another dog in close quarters
2. A dog’s normal habits when they’re at rest
3. A dog’s habits after a long play session or walk
4. How a dog acts in regards to sharing toys or bones
5. If your dog is crate trained
6. What your dog’s barking habits are
7. Where a dog needs to sleep


Author: MissLissa91

Hi! I began writing blogs for my Emerging Media and Communication degree when I was attending UT Dallas. I graduated in May 2012 with my Bachelor of Arts. Following that, I worked as a Social Media Specialist and Digital Marketing Analyst for Navigation Solutions, a Hertz Company. Once a week for about two years, I wrote travel related blogs for HertzNeverLost while I worked for that company. Now, I work as a Marketing Expert for ReachLocal and I help small and medium businesses with their online advertising! I've decided to devote some personal time to blogging and I'm excited to begin sharing my own passions, interests, and discoveries with y'all! Check out the "MazingMelissa" site to see what's going on!

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